The Phlegethon Network has the following ongoing projects:

Field project

A discourse analysis of text journals from four professions (medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and social counselors /social workers) from 1960- 2013.

Responsible institutions: Center for Health Promotion and rehabilitation at VIA University College, Denmark and MA program in Rehabilitation, Oslo Metropolitan University, OsloMet.

Project managers: Søren Gytz Olesen, Research Manager, Ph.D. and Marte Feiring, 1. Professor, Ph.D.

Knowledge Project

Knowledge, user participation and governance in professional work in the Scandinavian Welfare institutions

Responsible institutions: Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet).

Project manager: Professor Per Koren Solvang, Faculty of Health Sciences

Transition project

Transitions in rehabilitation: Rehabilitation process of patients with traumatic brain injury and stroke and their caregivers and knowledge use in professional practices and the  interdisciplinary and inter-organizational cooperation in health and rehabilitation services in Norway and Denmark.

Responsible institution: Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet).

Partners in Norway: Oslo University and Sunnaas hospital

Partners in Denmark: Aalborg University, Region Hospital, Hammel Neurocenter and Hvidovre Hospital

Project manager: Tone Alm Andreassen, HOV program

Intervention project

In this study we are looking at interventions that help people with traumatic brain injury (TBI) in their process of recovery and rehabilitation. We wish to find, develop, describe and test strategies related to the human aspect of treatment and care during the rehabilitation trajectory. Our focus will be on patients, family and professionals and extending to decision makers and health care services.

Project investigators: 

Norway: Tone Alm Andreassen (Sociologist), Unni Sveen (OT), Helene Lundgaard Søberg (PT)

Denmark: Ingrid Poulsen (RN), Ingrid Egerod (RN), Rikke Guldager (RN)