Intervention project

In this study we are looking at interventions that help people with traumatic brain injury (TBI) in their process of recovery and rehabilitation. We wish to find, develop, describe and test strategies related to the human aspect of treatment and care during the rehabilitation trajectory. Our focus will be on patients, family and professionals and extending to decision makers and health care services.

I Scoping review

The first stage of this project is a scoping review investigating what interventions work to improve the rehabilitation in patients with traumatic brain injury. We will review qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods studies using the PICO process to frame and answer health related questions: Patient, Intervention, Comparison, and Outcomes.

II Descriptive study

The second stage is to provide a description of existing rehabilitation services for TBI patients in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. We will construct a questionnaire and survey specialized neurorehabilitation facilities in Scandinavia.

III Database

The third stage is construction of a database to follow the trajectories of patients with TBI in Scandinavia.

IV Complex interventions

The final stages will be the development and testing of models for rehabilitation of TBI patients to test the feasibility, fidelity and effect of interventions. We will use the MRC guidance for complex interventions as a framework (developing, piloting, evaluating, and reporting).


Norway: Tone Alm Andreassen (Sociologist), Unni Sveen (OT), Helene Lundgaard Søberg (PT)

Denmark: Ingrid Poulsen (RN), Ingrid Egerod (RN), Rikke Guldager (RN)