Field Project

The field of Rehabilitation from 1960-2013 “Field project”

This project involves the discourse analysis of archival texts from four professions journals since 1960: medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and social counselors / social workers. The study is a result of Danish / Norwegian cooperation, and runs from 2014-2016. The Project is funded by Helsefonden.

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of the project is to show how rehabilitation as a concept and professional practice has been represented in four different profession journals over a period of 50 years. The research will focus on how the state through their professions, as well as key policy and legislative processes attends rehabilitation of the population.

The development of the rehabilitation field is related to the formation of the modern welfare state; it’s ideals and profession knowledge. This process has created the existence of careers such as doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social workers and, through their professional businesses, created a new subject area – rehabilitation. Through discourse analysis we consider the emergence of rehabilitation as a complex process that illustrates how control, power, knowledge and citizens’ rights have been reconciled.

Responsible institutions:

Center for Health Promotion and rehabilitation at VIA University College, Denmark and MA program in Rehabilitation, Oslo Metropolitan University, OsloMet.

Project managers:

Søren Gytz Olesen

Søren Gytz Olesen, Research Manager, Ph.D.

Marte Feiring

Marte Feiring, Associate Professor, Ph.D.